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Antenatal diagnosis of syndromes by ultrasound markers

This website is designed to assist medical professionals in diagnosing fetal syndromes antenatally.
A syndrome is a disease manifested by more than one symptom, and when it comes to prenatal ultrasound, this translates into more than one sonographic finding. Hundreds of fetal syndromes exist.
Diagnosing a syndrome antenatally is often difficult due to the diversity in syndromes as well as due to the overlap between some conditions.

The aim of the Phenotip project is to build a searchable database of antenatally detectable features of fetal syndromes. In contrast to other (commercially) available databases, this project only relies on antenatally diagnosable markers and does not include (often subtle) postnatal findings. As such, we hope to help medical professionals in building a differential diagnosis and to assist them in deciding on further investigations.

The use of this database in clinical patient care is the sole responsibility of the end-user and the Phenotip workgroup does not take any responsibility for completeness or accuracy. The content on the Phenotip website is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

This project is a work in progress and will be further updated as information becomes available.
We hope that you will enjoy the use of our website